New Kim Kardashian Leak Rumors After Robbery in Paris

French police are saying Kim Kardashian West was robbed at gunpoint late Monday night, after she left a Fashion Week dinner in Paris.  Police are saying several hours after leaving the dinner, two men burst into Kim’s apartment, tied her up and robbed of her jewelry — worth over $9 million. Kanye West was performing at the time, and immediately left the stage when news broke.


According to reports, the two men were part of a larger group that rushed the Hôtel de Pourtalès, where they tied up the receptionist and went up to Kardashian’s apartment.  She was gagged and placed into the bathroom while the perpetrators robbed her of jewelry, a ring, her cell phone, and a wallet.  The perps were dressed as French police officers, and forced a concierge to tell them where Kim Kardashian was staying. Kim was said to be physically unharmed, but very shaken by the entire ordeal.

The apartment Kim was staying at for Fashion Week
The apartment Kim was staying in for Fashion Week

One important detail, the stolen phone, is leading to rumors of another leaked sex tape scandal. She is said to be anticipating a possibly massive extortion attempt due to the nude photos and videos saved on her private phone.  A source close to Radar Online is saying,

“Aside from tons of nude and explicit content featuring her and Kanye, the stolen phones also have so much information on all of Kim’s family members,” the source said.

With Kim’s history of sex tape drama, it would not be surprising at all to learn of a Kanye West and Kim Kardashian sex tape.  Kanye’s ego is second-to-none, and he most definitely is not going to allow Ray J to be the only guy that films Kim K swallowing his load!

kim k iphone
Kim carrying her iPhone shortly before she was robbed


What do you think is on her phone? Probably a lot more of this, and more:

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