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Nicki Minaj Nude Collection [New Pics!]

We don’t blame you for wanting to see Nicki Minaj’s nude photos. She is definitely the sexiest female rapper who has ever lived and one of the finest looking entertainers of this generation.

Nicki Minaj topless tits

People can’t seem to get enough of her sizzling huge ass, delicious ham thighs and those deliciously tear-drop tan boobs that she is always flaunting!

Nicki Minaj sexy open mouth
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Luckily for you Queen Minaj fans, we have ALL of her naked collection right here! Take a peek at Minaj’s uncovered gems below, we are sure you will not be disappointed with this dime piece. We have collected her leaked photos, nip-slips, naked modeling images, topless from her Paper Magazine photo shoot and more!

Are you ready to see Nicki’s robust figure completely undressed?! You might want to prepare yourself with some tissues because she has the power to make you burst your load!


Nicki Minaj naked topless selfie
Those eyes are begging you to splurge all over her tits!
Nicki Minaj see through selfie
MMM, can you imagine sucking on that brown perfect nipple?!

Nicki Minaj is an American rapper and singer-songwriter. She was born in Saint James Trinidad and Tobago. Discovered by American rapper, Lil Wayne, she found fame with the release of her debut album Pink Friday in 2010. She is known for her fiery persona and bubblegum pink colored hair. On January 28, 2012, Minaj became the third rapper in music history to have three songs in the Top 10 simultaneously.

Nicki Minaj collection

Minaj’s bangin’ body measures 40-28-45 inches and a bra size of 34F. Damn, what a voluptuous body this female beauty has. With her unique rapping style and looks, no wonder she is the queen of all queens.  She has collaborated with multiple other artists, and most recently with rapper 6ix9ine in a music video for the song TROLLZ.

It’s no surprise that her collection of naked pictures is massive, she is not shy about taking it off. Nicki is also not a stranger to scandals. We even have her exclusive and graphic images from Minaj’s sex tape that went viral awhile back. Let’s just say she’s a wild woman in the sheets and loves to get dirty. She ain’t afraid of giving blowjobs either!

Before you get to her fantastic collection of nasty pics, check out this video to warm up that anaconda:

Watch her ass jiggle
Don’t miss this video, her booty is out of this world… what lucky bastard gets to hit that from behind??

Dayummm, isn’t that booty something else?! It makes us want to sledge hammer the shit out of it. That bounce is incredible, there is seriously nothing like it. No other celebrity woman can compete with that magical ass.

There are rumors that her and boyfriend Nas have called it quits after months of dating. That’s unfortunate for the legendary rapper, he must be pissed that he won’t be able to tap dat ass no more!

Nicki Minaj Nude Pics Revealed

Well, enough with the blabber, go ahead and let your imagination go buck wild as you click through these fantastic photos below!

Nicki Minaj Leaked Nude Pics

Nicki Minaj Topless And Revealing Selfies

Nicki Minaj Posing for Paper Magazine

Exposed Tit at Fashion Show

Nicki Minaj tit up close

Hot Nip Slips at Concerts

Nicki Minaj kicked off the 2017 Billboard Music Awards with an insanely hot appearance – good luck not busting a nut!

Nicki Minaj “Dat BOOTY”

If you’ve ever watched Nicki Minaj’s music video for Super Bass, you would know her boobies and that ass are a fap session just waiting to happen.

More Topless Nicki Minaj Pics

Nicki Minaj Bare Nipples Exposed

Nicki Minaj Naked Underboob Photos

Nicki Minaj Posts Nude After Shower Pics On Instagram

Nicki Minaj See-Through Images

Nicki Minaj Sexy Exposed Cleavage

Nicki Minaj xxx
  1. DonyTheGigaStar says:

    You seem very beautiful nude Nicki(I’ll be sure when I taste :D), but quite annoying these are images presented as publicly visible…You should reserve viewing and touching of your nudity for me alone…
    You aren’t masochist to the point of storing a pic showing such pouring on your chest, in your phone uh…
    Don’t go to horrific abuser, make love to my gentle self instead 😀
    – Dony or X_Falcon_Eyes or X_Ra –

  2. Roger van der Velde says:

    Odd-looking woman, but I wouldn’t kick her out of bed.

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