Mischa Barton Sex Tape Leaked?

The infamous Los Angeles sex tape broker Kevin Blatt is at it again, and this time he’s pimping a Mischa Barton sex tape. According to sources, the tape shows the actress “performing on a man”, also known as sucking some dick — then moves to various sex positions.

Mischa Barton topless in Greece

Apparently multiple large porn sites online have seen footage from the video and are making offers to buy the rights. It’s not clear when the sex tape was made, but it’s believed to be from the past year – which would make sense considering Mischa’s recent public meltdown. Several weeks ago, photos were leaked of Mischa hanging over her fence calling her mom a motherfucking witch. Drugs? Maybe just a bit of whiskey? Who knows, but it sounds like a sex tape may be involved.

Mischa Barton meltdown yelling over fence
Mischa Barton’s recent meltdown

It seems the video was shot in a private bedroom, and shows Mischa going to pound town.

You may be familiar with Ms. Barton from movies like The Sixth Sense, or the hit TV show The OC. Until we have more information on the video leak, here are some sexy photos of Mischa that will definitely make yo dick hard.

Mischa Barton see-through thong
Booty booty booty


See her nude photos!! Great nipples, just fantastic.

Watch her pose in this hot video clip:

Mischa Barton Topless Sex Scene

And last but not least, her topless sex scene:

Mischa Barton topless sex scene (2)

Mischa Barton topless sex scene (3)

Mischa Barton topless sex scene (1)

Enough of Mischa’s titties, lets see some bare ass!

Mischa Barton bare ass

Or maybe Mischa teary-eyed and naked turns you on?

Mischa Barton nude and crying
Nice and natural!
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