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Jasmine Waltz Sex Tape Goes Viral

Big Brother’s hottest contestant for the 2017 season is in the headlines for a MAJOR scandal! The Jasmine Waltz sex tape is going absolutely viral, and all of the model’s fan base are truly over-joyed by this news. Don’t know who this gorgeous brunette beauty is?! Well, meet your new favorite reality TV babe… I’m sure you’ll be obsessing about her from now on.

Celebrity Big Brother: Jasmine Waltz sex tape


Big Brother's star Jasmine Waltz topless and covering her nipple with her hand looking down at the camera
There’s a freaky girl behind those smoky eyes…
Nude pic of Jasmine Waltz also known as "Jazzy" nip slip
Jazzy gives us some nipple action!

The 34 year old model was born in the naughtiest place in the United States. She comes from a little place called Las Vegas, the city of “sins”. Which makes complete sense, this lady is full of bad behavior! That’s practically how she made it into the spotlight.

Jasmine first became noticed for the woman who stole Courtney Cox’s (Friends actress) man away, actor and film director David Arquette. The married man had a wild affair with her that ended his long marriage. The shit was all over the tabloids and everyone was wondering who this stunning female on his arm was.

David might have been the first famous man she dated, but it definitely wasn’t the last. This lady is the definition of a “man-eater”, and she is always hungry for more male meat. Her other victims have been actor Chris Pine and American Idol host Ryan Seacrest. Damn, Seacrest is always pounding these kinds of women, he was just spotted with Victoria Secret angel Adriana Lima who is fine as hell!

Who is the next on Jazzy’s list?! Some people are predicting she is going to hook up with Ray J, who will be her fellow co-star on the Big Brother’s series that comes out this year. Since both have something special in common; making dirty x-rated videos to get famous.

Anyway, the reports conclude that Jasmine made this saucy tape with an ex boyfriend for Valentine’s day. And, of course, somehow it got “leaked” to the public. Who knows the truth behind these celebrity dramas, all we know is that Waltz looks DAMN good.

Jasmine Waltz Sex Tape

(18+!) watch…

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