Myla Dalbesio seductive look

Curvy Model Myla Dalbesio Naked!

Who here likes a little junk in the trunk? Some bounce feedback to gaze upon? Myla Dalbesio might just fit your ticket.  She’s been named Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie of the Year, and we’re going to show you why.  And, it’s not just skimpy bikinis, Myla Dalbesio nude is real. She’s known as a “curvy model” (size 8), but anyone with taste knows that just how a woman should be.  Think she’s better than Kate Upton? (she has nudes too!!)

Myla really had her break with Calvin Klien two years ago as their first curvy model to score an underwear campaign.

Myla Dalbesio Calvin Klein
If this is curvy…

Now she’s in the news for Sports Illustrated – take a gander:

Myla Dalbesio SI topless

But that’s just a tease… we want to see her NAKED! Instagram, Playboy, T and A: to the rescue.

Myla Dalbesio cotton panties pussy


Myla Dalbesio nude artsy

Myla Dalbesio nude on beach

Myla Dalbesio topless big tits on beach
Kate Upton better watch out!

She’s one curvy babe, keep an eye on this one.

And now for some pussy pics… we know you want them 🙂

Those were good, but you won’t believe what we have on the next page!  She does not mind being naked, that’s for sure.


With this next set of photos… supposed to be art? Either way, she looks like a complete nut job – seems a little Requiem for a Dream esque??

Myla Dalbesio crazy slut party (1)
What a nice pair of tits! Feminism give us more!
Myla Dalbesio stripper nuts
Open those legs up!
Myla Dalbesio cash stripper topless
Looks like she’s had some practice, no?

Myla Dalbesio after sex topless

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  1. Someone needs to tell all those huge, fat broads out there who keep calling themselves “curvy,” that THIS is what curvy actually looks like. Myla Dalbesio is almost perfect.

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