Alexandra Daddario Nude Collection — *HD* Pics & Videos!

This babe may just have the most perfect tits in Hollywood… just wait until you see them uncovered in this new and hot Alexandra Daddario nude collection!

They’re big, they’re natural and boy do they have the perfect shape. Not only will you get to see Daddario completely naked having sex with Woody Harrelson, but you’ll also see her hottest undressed never-before-seen moments too!

Alexandra Daddario doggy style fucking
Doggy style is the best style

It’s safe to say seeing her mounting Woody made her a celebrity over night.  This naughty scene of her has turned into an Internet sensation, with every variation you could possibly imagine! True Detective (season 1 at least) was an amazing show, but these knockers are right up there with it.

Alexandra Daddario bare ass bent over True Detective


Today we have a special treat – her sex scene in high definition 60 FPS!

What about her pussy? Thanks to other kind folks on the web, we get a nice looping GIF of Alexandra hopping off Woody. That is definitely her real bush and pussy, how did we get so lucky?!

Alexandra Daddario Nude Pictures & HQ Video Clips!

Alexandra Daddario hairy pussy

Didn’t get a close enough look? Enjoy this photo gallery and all the other undressed pics below:

Let’s watch that in high defintion…

Alexandra Daddario Sexy Video Clips

Alex vs. Kate Upton: which would you bang? (Check out Kate Upton’s nude pics here) 😀

Alexandra Daddario Topless – The Attic

Alexandra Daddario Pokies


Alexandra Daddario Photos in GQ

Check out this super sexy GQ Mexico photoshoot:

Here’s a few facts about this hot celebrity woman you might find interesting:

  • Alexandra was born on March 16th, 1986 in NYC and was raised in the upper east side.
  • She first came into the spotlight playing the hot role of Annabeth Chase in the film series Percy Jackson.
  • Her bra size is a whopping 34 D cups! Two huge handfuls of heaven.
  • She is 5 ft 8 inches tall and weighs 134 pounds.
  • Her dating history includes Logan Lerman, Jason Fuchs (2006-2009), Trey Songz and Zac Efron.
  • She met Efron while filming Baywatch together.
  • Her ethnicity is a mix of Italian, English, Czech and Irish descent.
  • This hottie has also appeared in a music video for Imagine Dragons “Radioactive” song.

Alexandra Daddario Sexy Pics

And last, but not least, two more NSFW videos for your fap bank:

  1. That sex scene in True Detective is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen

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    She Is So Sexyy!!!!

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