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10 Reasons Why Nicki Minaj Has A Better Ass Than Kim Kardashian

The Trinidadian born, Nicki Minaj, fought her way to the top of the music industry from a very young age.  She started with mix tapes and now she is a platinum selling artist.  She has a unique style, unique music, she’s humble, and she has Dat Ass.

It’s outrageous to her admiring fans when people have the audacity to compare this multi-talented woman to the ‘talentless’, but sexy Kim Kardashian. If you go to any of Minaj’s fans sites you will see her loyal fan base fight to the death when some outsider tries to make parallels with their Queen Minajesty and the reality TV Star.


There’s lots of differences between Kim K and Nicki – for one, she has never made sexuality a big part of her image even though she recognizes that it’s there.  In fact she strives to empower women and let them know that there’s more to a woman than being sexy.  But being sexy is okay too, and Nicki definitely likes to tease the world with her big booty that she knows we all love so much.  If you haven’t see it already, check out our giant collection of Nicki Minaj’s nude photos.

Below are reasons why Nicki’s fans believe she is millions of times better than Kimberly. Also, some reasons why Nicki’s ass is so much better as well.

Nicki Minaj Vs. Kim Kardashian – Showdown

1.  Nicki didn’t get famous off of a pathetic sex tape, she actually is a talented rapper and artist (even though the Kim Kardashian sex tape is actually pretty awesome).

Nicki Minaj’s spankable booty!
Kim’s ass is frighteningly big!

2.  Kim can’t dance for shit! Mmm and look at Nicki’s grinding chair move – DAMN.

Nicki’s dancing moves are delicious.
Kim's dancing skills... need work!
Kim’s dancing skills… need work!

3.  Kim’s ass is not nearly as round as Nicki’s. Not even close!

Nicki’s perfectly rounded shape booty coming out of the water is sizzling.
Kim's out of shape butt.
Kim’s out of shape butt.

4.  My girlfriend doesn’t force me to watch a Nicki Minaj Reality Show.

Nicki working her booty on stage is a wonderful site to see.


Kim working her booty on her reality TV show... not that impressive.
Kim working her booty on her reality TV show… not that impressive.

5.  Nicki Minaj isn’t dating Kayne West.

The lovely Nicki showing off that bum!
Kanye grabbing Kim's flat butt.
Kanye grabbing Kim’s flat butt.

7.  Umm, Nicki’s ass bouncing nicely, but still looks firm. While Kim’s is just kind of boring and flat…

Nicki's ass is tight and has the perfect bounce!
Nicki’s ass is tight and has the perfect bounce!
Kim's ass doesn't have any bounce.
Kim’s ass doesn’t have any bounce.

8.  Nicki Minaj ass in jeans is sexy as hell. Kim’s on the other hand..

Nicki's butt in jeans makes you want to smack that ass!
Nicki’s butt in jeans makes you want to smack that ass!
Kim's ass in jeans just looks sloppy as fuck.
Kim’s ass in jeans just looks sloppy as fuck.

9.  Nicki’s ass in a bikini vs. Kim K in a bikini. No competition.

Everything is tight tight tight.
Everything is tight tight tight.
Everything is not tight.
Everything is not tight.

10.  And the finally, asses up close.

All around good form. Yummy as hell.
All around good form. Yummy as hell.
Sort of round, but doesn't have that perkiness.
Sort of round, but doesn’t have that perkiness.

Tell us what you think in the comment section below! Which ass do you prefer? Some say Kim’s hot half-sister Kylie Jenner has a nicer ass than both of these chicks. It’s definitely not as gigantic as these ladies, but sometimes bigger isn’t always better.

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