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Most people first heard about the Nicki Minaj sex tape when she hinted to it in one of her interviews. Rumor has it she got the idea to make the tape while working on “Monster” with Kanye West. Minaj realized Kanye’s woman Kim K made millions from her scandalous tape. Why shouldn’t she do the same? A little present for her loyal fans…

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If you’re a chocolate-loving fan, you probably love seeing Nicki shake her massive ass and work those tits! You have definitely fantasied about bending her over and seeing what sick flows come out of her when she’s getting it from you!  And no I ain’t talking about her fucking menstrual flows either. Girl is fine as hell, and is a symbol of this generation’s new female talent.


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On to the sex tape.  We first heard about it from MediaTakeout that this was the real deal, although some people were skeptical. Of course, there are some fake ones out there, but this one looks pretty damn authentic to us.  The consensus seems to be that this was Nicki, but back before she was famous. Of course, she’s done a little bit of facial work here and there, like most celebrities do when they reach fame.

The big ass booty in the video makes us realize that Ms. Minaj is truly all that and a bag of chips. That thing is off da hook, beautiful and with the right amount of jiggle. If you are into fat asses, then you are going to love this tape. You will put it in your spank bank for life, that’s for sure.

Let us know what you think in the comment section below! Does it live up to the hype? We sure think it does, especially her blow job scene. She impressed us with her cock-sucking abilities, this bae knows how to deep throat like a champ!