• Wade Johnson

    i dont give a good gosh damn what anybody says, Salma Hayek is by FAR FAR FAR one of if not THE FINEST DAMN WOMAN IN HOLLYWOOD!! one reasson is because she is 100% ALL NATURAL!! none of those FAKE Breast implant’s!! She simply doesnt need them, because even though she may be getting on up i age, she is still holding up extremely well, She still seems to be very firm, yet still nice and soft to the touch!! He Breast’s still stand at attention like the tits of a school girl as Adam Sandler’s character he Zohan says about the older women that he loves to make The SILKY SMOOTH!!! no Salma Hayek does ot play or have a role in Dont mess with the Zohan, i was simply using one of his lines that he spoke in the movie, again about the older female patrons of the hair salon where he began making the ladies Silky Smooth!! speaking of Silky Smooth, i think that this is exactly what Salma Hayek is ALL over her entire body!! which is Entirely SILKY FREEKIN SMOOTH!!

    • Benjamin Small

      lol you’ve lost ur nut