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60+ Mia Maestro Nude Pics: HOT Sex Scenes & That ASS!

Today we have the hotness Mia Maestro nude for your enjoyment. After recently seeing Motorcycle Diaries, we just had to know who that sexy raven haired Latina was – turns out she’s one sexy woman. Mia Maestro was born in Buenos Aires (1978), and is probably best known for her roll in the TV show Alias. She’s more known in the Latin world, but we’re hoping she starts gracing the big Hollywood screen on a more regular basis.

Mia Maestro sexy pic
They make em better in South America

Enjoy these 60+ sexy photos of the stunning actress (and don’t miss Mia’s bare ass from her 2002 film Frida in this video!).

  • Her first big acting role was in the play The Summer Trilogy.
  • For her role in another play, Pandora’s Box, she won an ACE Award.
  • Argentine actress and singer known for her roles on Alias, Frida, and the Strain. She also appeared in The Twilight Saga as Carmen.
  • As a spicy and super sexy Argentine actress, Mia is best known for her roles in Frida, The Strain, Alias and The Twilight Saga (as Carmen).  Kristen Stewart was also in that film, and you can see her naked photos here, too.
  • Another SUPER hot Latina, Salma Hayek, played the actual Mexican artist in the movie Frida — you can see Salma’s tits and ass here.

Mia Maestro Nude Pics

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Mia Maestro fucked

Mia Maestro Nips in Deep Water

Mia Maestro tits

Mia Maestro see through  Mia Maestro nipples Deep Water
Show us your puffy nipples Mia!

Mia Maestro Nude Sex Scene (Frida)

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Mia Maestro posing
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Mia Maestro topless pic

Now that is what we call a LATINA BOOTY!

Mia Maestro in The Strain

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Mia Maestro photoshoot
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VIDEOS: Mia Maestro Sex Scenes

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Deep Water (#Bikini)

Frida (#Butt)

Deep Water (#Sexy)

Deep Water (#Underwear)

The Strain (#Underwear)

Mia Maestro Sexiest 10 Photos

MILF attack! So damn sexy.
Pretty amazing facial proportions, why don’t I live in Argentina??
Some bikini for you…
Regal – she looks like she could bite your dick off and you’d love it.
Mia posing with the all-too-sexy Salma Hayek who apparently has a sex scandal going on. Imagine these two in bed with you… 
Had to include one photo from Motorcycle Diaries – hot damn with that jet black hair and porcelain skin. Mmm, mmm.
You’re probably craving a full-body shot now. Can’t complain here!
For all those Twilight fans out there – Mia plays the character Carmen.
Now the good stuff – here’s a brief scene from a 2002 film, Frida. Check out the ass on her! We would squeeze the hell out of that thing too!
Here’s a more clear view of that Mia Maestro ass – delicious.

Mia Maestro Looking Sexy in Esquire Magazine Photo Shoot

Mia Maestro looking hot in tiny black dress!
Mia Maestro looking hot in tiny black dress!

More Mia Maestro Sexy Pics

Mia Maestro selfie

Mia Maestro bikini top


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