The 12 Best Hollywood Celebrity Nip Slips

There is something exciting and voyeuristic about watching a pink or red nipple coming popping out during a wardrobe malfunction. All the better if it’s a well-known and famous Hollywood celebrity. Today we’ve compiled the 12 best nipple slips we could find from the last few years. There are many, many more floating around online, but hopefully these will satiate your desire for some celebrity nipple!


Lindsay Lohan is stacked, and has turned into quite the hot mess. She’s aged beyond her years thanks to partying, but it doesn’t change our desire to see those perfect boobs! Her Playboy shoot was beyond, but there is something more exciting about an unintended side-boob photo!


We’re not sure what’s up with Britney’s hippie headband crap, but the top of that delicious red nipple ain’t so bad.


Hollywood’s top lady a few years ago, Megan Fox looks to be rocking some fake (?) boobs, and a nicely colored nipple. Check.


Jessica Simpson seems to have the perfect natural boobs going on, with a great nipple to boob ratio. Sounds a bit creepy, but we can appreciate a nice set of boobs when we see ’em.


Nicki Minaj is known for crazy weird antics, and this get-up fits the bill. It looks like her breast is chiseled from marble – not so sure about that. But that is one exposed nipple shot!


Emma Watson seems to tickle the fancy of men everywhere… and today we have this nice side-boob nip slip for you.


Liz Hurley is just sex packaged into a beautiful cougaresque body. Check out that gorgeous smile and beautiful pair.


Mischa Barton looks like she’s rocking a nice puffy nip in this slip.


Lady Gaga boobs… hmm.


Paris does not seem to mind showing these things off. We’re not sure she fits in with this list, but it looks like a pretty good slip to us!


Niole Kidman has that pure angelic allure going on, and a nice red contrast is that perfectly shaped nipple!


Tara Reid is most definitely a hot mess, but we don’t mind seeing that boob pop out whether or purpose or not.

Which celebrity nip slip is your favorite?

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