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One of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends, a businesswoman, an author, an E! star, a Playboy model and reality TV star – is there anything Kendra hasn’t done at this point?  Hell, she’s even got a sextape!  And she’s not messing around in the tape, either!  Kendra truly blows our minds – and the lucky guy who’s on the camera.

The film’s got a lot of good stuff in it – Kendra Wilkinson dances for the camera and gives a strip show.  But the real A-quality material is when she throws down the camera man and starts humping his brains out – she is constantly shifting positions and keeping it fresh.  Kendra’s a genuine cockhound who gobbles up more dick than a Turkish bath house.

With her sultry looks and seductive passion, this film is a no-brainer – just ask the camera guy who released it!  I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before she finds some other dick to smoke so keep an eye – or both of them – on where this blonde babe is headed!  She can only go up!

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