Pamela Anderson Sex Tape — Tommy Lee & Bret Michaels

If you’re one of the few people on the planet who hasn’t seen the Pamela Anderson sex tape, or the second one she made a few years later with Bret Michaels… then let us update you on the last fifteen years:

Pamela Anderson blowjob XXX
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  • Tommy Lee and Pamela got on a boat
  • they had some okay-ish sex
  • Tommy Lee’s dick is huge
  • Pamela is intimated by this huge dick
  • they have some more okay-ish sex
  • Pamela says she doesn’t want to film it, but Tommy does anyway…
  • somewhere somehow someone gets the video, releases it, Tommy is stoked, Pamela is pissed, but both make a lot of money, so it worked out in the end, kind of, except for Borat, who we can call like, I dunno,
    • because he’s torn by her becoming a porn star.

Make sure to scroll down all the way, because this big tits blonde actually made another tape with someone else!

Pamela Anderson Sex Tape with Tommy Lee

I wouldn’t say it’s the absolute best sex tape of all time, but it is a cultural milestone.  This is the granddaddy of all sex tapes and the one that everyone should see.  If porn had a Mona Lisa, it’d be this.  It’s rough around the edges but I mean it’s Pamela Anderson, she was the hottest woman in the world back then and she was definitely not shy to give her man a good time.  Absolutely must-see if you haven’t already.

Pamela Anderson nude
Pamela Anderson posing nude for Playboy

Pam Anderson & Bret Michaels Sex Tape

Yes, she actually made another sex video with her other lover Bret Michaels that was also ‘leaked’ a few years later after the Tommy one.

Pamela Anderson and Bret Michaels porn
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