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MMM, MMM we have the Natalie Portman nude pics gathered for you guys! From her topless movie scenes to her leaked moments in front of the paparazzi, we are sure you’ll find her naked compilation quite tasty. The globally famous actress definitely makes our mouth waters in her uncovered movie scenes as well! The naturally beautiful Portman will make you sweat your balls off, that’s for sure.

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  • Natalie Portman was born on June 9th, 1981 in Jerusalem and is a famous film actress, producer and director.
  • The beauty has dual Israeli and American citizenship and currently resides in Los Angeles, California with her spouse Benjamin Millepied.
  • Portman studied psychology at Harvard University.
  • She became a globally famous celebrity for playing the role of Padme Amidala in the movie Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menance.
  • Her popular Instagram account @natalieportman has millions of followers.
  • Portman played Evey in the popular film V for Vendetta (2005).

Next: See the NAKED movie scene Natalie Portman REGRETS below!

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According to reports, Natalie Portman regrets doing this scandalous movie scene below. She said she should have listened to her intuition, instead of forcing herself to do the naked part.

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Portman on Hotel Chevalier sex scene.

Even though she has bad feelings about it, we think she looks fucking fantastic in the pics!

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The star is known to be beautiful AND smart, Natalie is the ideal package. Her stunning looks are a mix from her American mother and Israeli father, who raised the beauty on the east coast of the United States. Not a lot of people know that while she was acting in big film roles, Portman also attended Harvard University to obtain a psychology degree.

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Unfortunately, this fine piece of ass is taken. She married a French ballet dancer (Benjamin Millepied) and the pair have a child together. They met during the filming of Black Swan. It is reported that Millepied left his GF of many years and fellow ballet dancer to start a relationship with Natalie. According to some sources, he is now converting to Judaism for the brunette goddess – who wouldn’t?! She can convert me to anything she damn well pleases!

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Anyway, enough with the drama! Check out her Natalie’s sexiest photos below! If you want to see more titties, you might also love seeing Dakota Johnson’s yummy nipples here. She’s a cute Hollywood star with perky tits as well.

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