Melania Trump’s Nude Leaked Photos – Uh Oh Donald!

Melania Trump has been around for awhile (she married Donald Trump in 2005), but her life before Donald was a bit more colorful than most potential first ladies. As a former model and Eastern Euro beauty, Melania has never been afraid to show off that sexy body. Men everywhere will be looking for nude photos of Melania, so Celebs Unmasked chose to deliver!

Her maiden name is Knauss, and she definitely married Donald for the cash.  With those crazy cat eyes, she’s a killer no doubt.  Like a fierce cat, Melania found her prey in Donald and sunk her claws in.  Here are a few stats:

  • She’s from Slovenia
  • She was born April 26th, 1970
  • She is 5’11”
  • She has one child with Donald Trump: Barron Trump (fitting.)
  • She was a former model

MILF Melania Trump
She might just be the Queen of MILFs with a photo like that. Look at that rock!

Melania Trump naked pink shirt (13)
Do you think she’ll be the next First Lady? We don’t remember seeing Michelle Obama’s boobs!!!
Melania Trump cleavage
Something a little more recent.

The Bikini and Lingerie Series

Melania Trump (3)

Melania Trump (4)

Melania Trump (5)

Melania Trump (14)

Melania Trump (17)

Melania Trump ass (16)

Melania Trump (18)

Melania Trump bikini (12)

Nude Modeling Magazine Shots

Melania Trump (6)

Melania Trump (7)

Melania Trump (9)
Pretty sure those babies are fake!

Melania Trump (10)

Melania Trump ass (15)
Finally some booty!

Melania Trump legs (11)

Melania Trump nude GQ (2)

Some vintage nudes (actually totally naked, damn) for you:

Melania Trump nude (1)


And last, but not least, here’s one we definitely haven’t seen before:

Melania Trump nude - see thru nipples
That is definitely a nice looking tit.