Jessica Nigri in bed selfie showing her cleavage

Jessica Nigri Nude Pics Leaked

Are you a gamer?! Well, you might be happy to know this blondie is a Cosplay model that had some BAD pics exposed. We got the Jessica Nigri nude pics leaked for your eyes to see. Oh yeah, and she doesn’t just pose in hot Pokemon outfits, you’ll be surprised to know this babe plays video games too. And, according to some sources, she’s actually quite good.


Let us introduce you first though! Get ya warmed up…

Gamer Jessica Nigri dressed up in slutty Pikachu costume
I’d tap this sexy Pikachu!
Blonde Bombshell Jessica Nigri showing her big titties
Sexy Santa Jessica Nigri nude cleavage in red bra showing her boobs
Damn, those melons are huge!

This American babe first became famous when she dressed as a slutty Pikachu at a gaming conference. Some companies saw the crazy attention she was getting in the San Diego convention center and they knew she would be a good marketing tool. What a brilliant idea, and the best part is that it worked! She made these business guys millions. In return, she made some nice cash herself ( she could finally afford a boob job).

Anyway, now this big-breasted girl moved onto being a YouTube chick as well. She has attracted lot of fans and is known for having a cult following of admirers on the video site. They track her every move, in and outside of the gaming industry. Jessica knows this about her fans and will taunt them with provocative pics of her cleavage and petite body.

Although she is always posting sexy pics of herself, we are not quite sure these undressed pics below were meant to share (GORGEOUS Instamodel Lindsey Pelas has some leaked pics, too). Some sources say these pics were private and meant for a lover. Check them out for yourself below!

Jessica Nigri Nude Pics

Are you ready for some NSFW stuff?!

Instagram Jessica Nigri sexy bathroom selfie
That’s some nice vanilla ass!


Enjoy these 100% authentic Jessica Nigri pics below! Click around for full photo!

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  1. Fuuuck! This dream girl is easily fuckable any day of the week.
    I’d eat her ass for breakfast.

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