emily ratajkowski nude for Jacquie Aiche shoot

Emily Ratajkowski Nude for Jacquie Aiche

What a surprise – the “Blurred Lines” model is nude again! Emily Ratajkowski nude for Jacquie Aiche is a genius marketing move from the jewelry line. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see this stunning model uncovered?! Em is a woman we could see naked all day and she would never get boring…

Em Rata goes nude for Jacquie Aiche jewelry line!
Em Rata goes nude for Jacquie Aiche jewelry line!

Although this is a much more “classy” version of Emily nude, we still think it will get most of the population of men wet out there. If you want to see a nastier side of the amateur actress, check out Emily Ratajkowski’s iCloud video that was leaked this year. Let’s just say, the girl knows how to perform!

Anyway, back to her professional naked pics below. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. If not, there are many other celebs on this site that might catch your fancy… Don’t forget to look around!

Emily Ratajkowski Nude For Jacquie Aiches

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