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Alyssa Milano nude
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  • Alyssa Milano got her start at the age of seven, and was chosen out of over a thousand girls for a role in Annie.
  • She later exploded in Hollywood as a teen actress in Who’s The Boss?, then landed a role in Charmed, playing Phoebe Halliwell.  She also had roles in the UK series Mistresses.  Her most recent big show is Insatiable on Netflix.

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  • Alyssa Milano was cast as Jennifer Mancini in the 90’s classic TV show Melrose Place.  She also appeared in a Blink-182 music video.
  • She moved from West Hollywood to a more rural place in Bell Canyon, California with space for animals.
  • Milano was not happy in the late 90’s about her nude images online, and tried to go after websites in 1998 for their celebrity porn collections that included her pictures.
  • She was in Charmed alongside Rose McGowan (who had a huge leaked nude & raunchy sex tape scandal herself!!)
  • Milano is credited with starting the Me Too movement in 2017.

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  1. She had a boob job decades ago. So, no. Not perfect breasts. Plus, she’s batshit crazy and a hypocrite, like most of her Hollyweird cult members.

  2. love her body but hate her politics will not kick her out of bed

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