Maria Menounos Nude Pics, Pussy Slip & BEST Ass Photos!

There’s not much to tell you about Maria Menounos.  She is that famous, and insanely hot, celebrity entertainment reporter? Journalist? Gossiper?  Your dick will be thanking you after you scroll through our giant collection of Maria Menounos nudes — including her infamous pussy slip on the beach!

Maria Menounos pussy lips
Pussy lip slip @ the beach

She keeps us up with her various naughty photos and paparazzi scandals that we’ve been trained to crave.

  • She was originally competing in beauty pageants before becoming a famous reporter (just look at that ass!!)
  • She once interviewed the former US president George W. Bush — think he caught a glance of dat booty? Of course he did!
  • Her family is from Greece, and she recently married Keven Undergaro on NYE 2017 after dating for almost 20 years.
  • She has been a presenter for entertainment shows like Today, Access Hollywood and Extra.
  • She had a HOT role in the movie Tropic Thunder with bad boy Tom Cruise.
  • She’s known for her incredible ass – she should be an Instagram fit girl, no doubt about it.  Talk about an hourglass figure!!

Maria Menounos Nude Pictures


Maria Menounos Ass Pics

That butt puts Kim Kardashian to shame!!

Maria Menounos Nipples

Maria Menounos Pussy Pics

Her pussy slips popped out of her bikini one time… good timing from that paparazzi!

Maria Menounos Sexy Photos

Maria Menounos Snapchat Pics

Maria Menounos HOT Videos


10 More Pics of Maria Menounos’ BOOTY

Here’s are 10 pictures showing off Maria’s incredible assets.  Please a couple bonus pictures at the end!

1.  Starting this off right with the infamous yoga pants

maria menounos yoga pants

2.  Continuing on our journey, we have a lovely denim shot.


3.  One more denim shot, I like this one better.


4.  Now that you’re warmed up, how about some leather pants?

Maria Menounos brings her dog Apollo, one of five she owns, to the set of 'Extra' in Los Angeles

5.  Thought you’d like that.  Okay time to get classy, a nice… delicious… dress.

Maria Menounos nude dress Extra05

6.  Want another look to make sure it’s real?


7.  She really wears these dresses well…here’s a couple more.

Celebs at The Grove for "Extra"

8.  Last dress, then we’ll get to some good stuff.

Maria Menounos Leaving The Grove After Taping Extra!

9.  Okay now that the boring stuff is over, let’s head to the beach.  What do you say?


10.  Don’t like that bathing suit?  Let’s try another.




Okay, now for the bonus pictures.  I have two for you.  The first one is the result of the bet she lost with Mario Lopez.  She had to wear a bikini of a football team she hates on live TV.  Of course she lost that.  The second pic is the infamous bikini malfunction lip slip pictureThat’s right, that’s what it’s called.

"Extra" Host Maria Menounos Makes Good On Super Bowl Bet Bares All in a New York Giants Bikini

Maria Menounos Bikini Malfunction Vagina Lip Slip

Happy Fapping!

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