Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Leaked – New Footage

Kim Kardashian – is there any name so connected with sexiness?  Everyone knows her ample derriere is to die for, being the instantaneous focus of any room she enters.  Being on half the magazines in the country doesn’t hurt either – she’s quite literally a page turner.  And with the fame that she’s got from dating Kanye West, having a baby, and being on Keeping up with the Kardashians, it’s almost easy to forget that what got her out there in the first place was a sex tape with Ray J – who has made his own song as a heads-up to Kanye, saying he “hit it first”!

Watch The Video Here:

And the sex tape is probably the best there is out there, and certainly one of the most popular – the only real contender for fame would be Paris Hitlon’s.  After all, where else could you get such a great shot of Kim Kardashian getting banged doggy style?  Originally a “private” video shot on vacation, Ray J must have thought that it was too good to keep to himself.  And we’re all happy he did – Kim’s so fine that it’s just an incredible experience to watch her get reamed and moan in pleasure.  Although he claims it was “leaked” it’s hard to believe it – he’s bragged so much about it now that it seems impossible it was by accident.

Sadly though, even though Kim Kardashian could not control the release of her video, she’s been unjustly criticized for the boost it unexpectedly gave her career.  She’s frequently criticized for this in spite of the fact she doesn’t have much control over what happens on the internet – she’s just making lemons out of lemonade, from her point of view.  She’s been practically under attack by the paparazzi because of it.  To her credit, though, she’s moved past this, and has made a bustling career out of her good fashion sense and socialite credentials.  Even the normally egotistic Kanye West has turned a blind eye to her past – probably because he’s struck blind by her beauty!  Surely the rumors that he wants to make another tape with her are false – with her having a baby I’m sure she’s a lot more serious these days.  With that the way it is, I guess the only one we’ll ever get is with Ray J!

Pics Of The Famous Tape: