Jennifer Lawrence NUDE Leaked Pics!

The Fappening iCloud hack hit Jennifer Lawrence harder than anyone because she had the most nude pics revealed to the media. Well, and also because she has a huge following of fans that admire her every move. This busty blonde became a popular name after the Hunger Games movies, but even more popular after her private naked photos were leaked.




J-Law had the most scandalous pics out of anyone, if you scroll below you will not just see her nice tits, but you will also encounter her shaved pussy among other gold Iphone shots. America’s sweetheart has a freaky side, people!

Although it is known that Jen was pissed about her privacy being taken away from her, the rest of the world was happy to see this new side of her. I guess that’s the ultimate price to pay when your a celeb, especially as one as sexy as her! I mean, she’s the total package, we all want to see more of her naked bod.

Keep scrolling for Jen’s best leaked photos of all time… DO NOT MISS the pussy photo towards the end of the post – it’s the most prized one people always talk about.

Jennifer Lawrence Exclusive Fappening Pics:

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Jesus, lawdy lawd! That’s definitely one of the best pussy pics that has come out of The Fappening fiasco. Take a close up look, you can even see how wet she is. YUM.

Yes, there’s more! Check out her leaked gallery below!

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  • Seth Aicklen

    The question is whether the inevitable posting of such material is intentional, or unintentional? We are being manipulated, which is not necessarily a good thing. I guess that if Jennifer can “roll” with it, it must be OK. Jennifer looks great at this age and in this shape, so it is probably cool to have it documented publicly, just as it has been for countless celebrities since Marilyn Monroe. The hyper-explicit shot(s) of major bodily portals, if the included one(s) is genuine, is tacky and diminishes the artistic appeal of the collection though, IMHO. A hint in one’s imagination leads to a much sexier image than the real thing.

    • Lolman64

      Damm that a long ass nude comment

      • Seth Aicklen

        . . . and for whomever held you down and made you read it 🙂

    • dog2000x

      You’re putting too much thought into it. It’s stolen pics, not an art installation at the Guggenheim. Hot tits, fine ass and beautiful pussy!!!

      • Seth Aicklen

        Maybe they’re stolen; maybe not. That’s the point. The porn value is fine though. I wasn’t commenting on that.

    • JoeD

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      Artistic appeal? HAHAHAHAHA!!! You’re either a chick or a fag.

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