Sexy Selfie of Ana De Armas

Ana de Armas Nude Photos Exposed

Are you into spicy Cuban women?! Well, Ana de Armas nude photos exposed might be just your cup of tea. This 28 year old actress is on everyone’s radar because she’s pretty damn bangin’. She has a flare about her that reminds us of the gorgeous Latina Alejandra Guilmant (see her STEAMY Playboy photos here). She’s quite the stunner and if you don’t know her, you should!


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Actress Ana De Armas taking sexy selfie in workout clothes
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Don’t know much about this babe? Well, this tasty dime piece was born in Havana, Cuba. At the young age of 12 she had the desire to become an actress. That’s when she decided to attend the National Theater School of Cuba. At 16 she played her first role “Marie” in the film Una rose de Francia. By the time she turned 18 she moved to Spain and that’s when her career really hit off when she starred in the popular TV series, El Internado.

“My childhood memories are amazing, I had freedom in every way – but I see everything from a different perspective now that I live outside.” – Ana de Armas, Interview with Vanity Fair.

The only reason she was able to get out of Cuba was because her grandparents were Spanish, and she had a dual passport.

After some success in Spain, she bravely moved to Los Angeles where most people serious about film go. She got a role in Knock Knock with global sensation Keanu Reeves. Since then she has starred in popular movies such as War Dogs, Hands of Stones, Exposed, Blade Runner, and Blade Runner 2049 (the sequel). All this exposure has made her a crush for many men all over the earth! I mean, come on, she’s a straight 10!

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Ana De Armas Nude Photos Exposed

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