Kim Kardashian Nipples Exposed AGAIN In White Top [ 7 Pics ]

Kim Kardashian was spotted in Miami a few days ago with another scandalous outfit exposing her big boobies and tan nipples. She is really taking this #FreeTheNipple thing to a whole new level – every week she has a new outfit with sheer tops that exposed those fantastic nips of her’s.

Although we love Kim’s new love of exposing her ta-tas, we are not quite sure about her fashion choices as of late – she must be hanging around Blac Chyna too much because her style is starting to reflect the broke stripper look. I mean, look at those raggedy ass looking pair of shorts – the homeless shelters wouldn’t even take those for donations. The laced up tan kicks are questionable too.

Check out the gallery below for all the photos and a close-up look.