Chyna WWF Sex Tape

If you grew up in the 90s you probably watched professional wrestling, and if you did that then the WWF was undoubtedly part of your home life.  And everyone who watched the WWF remembers Chyna, the beastly, oddly-sensual and sexual “Ninth Wonder of the World” who broke new ground competing in a traditionally male-dominated field.  The hype got so much that Playboy magazine even brought her into their pages, where men across America discovered that buff women can be pretty damn sexy too, tipping off a sensation.

The Sex Video Below:

That was, as they say, just the tip of the iceberg though.  Chyna and fellow wrestler Sean Waltman made a sex tape in their own private life, which was released, famously, as the raunch “1 Night in China”!  The film’s sold hundreds of thousands of copies.

For a lot of porn buffs, this film offers a unique chance at checking out some masculine, fit people going wild on each other.  There’s Chyna’s huge tits, curvy ass, and ridiculous abs to check out, night-vision sex scenes and even some anal adventuring – all in all it’s definitely worth checking out once (or even more than once…)!

Picture Footage From The Tape:

Chyna Sex Tape 3 Chyna Sex Tape 2 Chyna Sex Tape 4

Chyna’s Bangin’ Body:

Chyna Sex Tape