Blake Lively nip slip

Blake Lively Nip Slips

Blake Lively’s famous breasts are a treasure to see – especially when an unexpected nip-slip happens. As you can see from the pic below, the gorgeous blonde was wearing a low-cut white top that made her boobies the centerpiece of her outfit which made it easy for one of her nipples to pop out. The incident happened at a comic con show in San Diego where she appeared with her lover Ryan Reynolds.

Blake’s Nip-Slips Pics:

Blake Lively Nip Slip Leaked 3Blake Lively Nip Slip Leaked 2Blake Lively Nip Slip 4

Another one of her nip-slip incidents happened while walking around in NYC with her ex-boyfriend and co-star of “Gossip Girls”. Here the lovely Blake is wearing a summer dress with a see-through laced bra underneath. Her beautiful golden nipple appears on her left boob.

Blake Lively Nip Slip LeakedBlake Lively Nip Slip Leaked 5

Check out Blake’s hacked pics here: