Six Sexy Selena Gomez Pics to Grab your Attention!

We’ve all felt bad in the past about our attraction to the obviously young looking Selena Gomez.  But we don’t need to worry now; drop the guilt, because she’s well into her legal years and she is definitely growing up in a good way.

Take a gander at some of the most captivating Selena photos on the web. These are the ones that have gone viral for a reason!

Selena Gomez Top 6 Sexiest Photos

  1. Selena in some sexy hot pants in her NFL half-time show.  I don’t know what Bieber was thinking, because this Latina looks a lot better than that Brazilian he was seen with. Those are some meaty thighs!
Selena's ass stuns in NFl show!
Selena’s ass stuns in NFl show!

2. Here Selena is definitely flaunting her sexuality in those tight ass jeans and she’s not hiding it.  I’m not hiding my boner either.

Selena Gomez ass in jeans!
Selena Gomez ass in jeans!

3. Can someone say #selfie?  What about #cleavage?  Holy shit look at those fun bags!  Am I dreaming?  Because I didn’t even know Selena had tits.  Follow her instagram for more candids like this.

Selena’s sexy selfie.

4. Here’s Selena showing off that amazing beach body. Damn! Give me a piece of that!

Selena Gomez body stuns on the beach!
Selena stuns crowds on the beach with her fine ass bod!

5. Selena shows us how sexy of a Latina she really is.  Oh dios mio

Selena showing of that cleavage!
Selena showing of that cleavage!

6. This one is a goodie – Selena’s hot tight booty captured from below.

Selena's ass while performing!
Selena’s ass while performing!

Selena Gomez Booty Cheeks Poppin’ Out In Jean Shorts!

Did you enjoy those photos above? If you did, you might also like these ones of Selena’s amazing and underrated butt, too! She is wearing some of the tightest jean shorts and it looks like she’s got a wedgie, but it looks fucking amazing on her. Good work, paparazzi!

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