Emily Ratajkowski Topless And Naked In Must Watch Video!

Emily Ratajkowski is a natural beauty (yes, her boobs are real, people!). This insanely hot model is one to look out for. She is known for her love of being naked all the time and boasts about not being ashamed of her body.

Yes, this feminist loves to tell all her followers to not give a fuck about baring their temples to the world. In fact, Kim Kardashian reached out to her after Em stood of for Kardashian’s nude selfie controversy on twitter. Now, the two of the best of friends…

We hope you enjoy this video of Em Rata!

Watch Emily Ratajkowski In Her Topless Video Below:

Em Rata Modeling For Rag And Bone:

This babe seems to be everywhere these days, these photos were taken by a Rag and Bone  fashion project line and she did just fantastic showing off those denim jeans with no shirt on top.

She knows how to pull off a seductive, yet classic look. Go, Em.

emrata_topless emily-ratajkowski-topless

What a classic beauty.