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Wow, Allison Mack naked is pretty hot – too bad she’s probably a sociopath! Turns out the Smallville actress isn’t as innocent as her character Chloe Sullivan portrays on the TV series. The American star was just arrested in Brooklyn, New York on charges of sex trafficking and forced labor conspiracy.

According to sources, she was second in command of the Nxivm sex cult (pronounced Nex-ium if you’re wondering), second in command after her leader Raniere.  They are accused of sexual abuse, humiliation, and some deprived acts – pretty unexpected for this unassuming blonde!


Who is Allison Mack? Here’s a few facts about her before you see her pics:

  • She was born on July 19th, 1982 in West Germany to parents Jonathan and Mindy Mack.
  • She has two siblings – a brother named Shannon and a sister named Robyn.
  • Her first gigs were at the age of four for “German Chocolate” commercials.
  • She once starred in an episode of 7th Heaven, she played a teenager who cut herself.
  • She won several awards and nominations for her role Chloe is Smallville.

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Some more info on her sex cult:

NXIVM would present itself as a self help group that “empowers” women. Mack was in charge of recruiting women to be part of the group, persuading them that it was in their best interest. Reports from The United States Attorney’s Office said the leaders would “breakdown the women psychologically” and exploit them “sexually and for their labor”.

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With these latest shocking allegations, an Allison Mack sex tape does not seem too out of the question…

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