See Emily Ratajkowski Getting Her Ass Spanked In These Hot GIFS!

Emily Ratajkowski first came on the scene when her leggy and busty appearance was featured on the music video “Blurred Lines”. After that, no one could stop talking about her small tiny waist and that nice ass of her. She has no problem showing off that toned body of her’s…

These leaked GIFS are of Ratajkowski shaking that ass at a pool party and her man (we think) is grabbing that ass and practically groping her booty cheeks. The last GIF shows him spanking her ever so lightly. I don’t know about you, but we think he could have giving her a harder tap than that – her bottom can handle it.

Watch Emily Ratajkowski Getting Her Ass Spanked Below:

Emily Ratajkowski Ass Grabbed 2Emily Ratajkowski Ass Grabbed 3Emily Ratajkowski Ass Grabbed

Damn, girl.

Watch Em Rata’s Sexiest Naked Photo Shoot Below: