Miley Cyrus Smokes Pot

Miley Cyrus Gets High at Euro Music Awards

Miley Cyrus Smokes PotMiley’s back at it again, this time pushing the envelope at the European Music awards. She lighted up a joint on stage, to the crowd’s amazement. Questions remain as to whether it really was marijuana, though.
Miley Cyrus apparently decided to do the stint at the spur of the moment, leaving her dressing room and saying, why not? Weed being legal in Amsterdam, the host city of this year’s EMA, Miley was not breaking any laws, but for the majority of Europe the stunt would have gotten her in some seriously hot water.
Regardless, in an interview following the stunt, Miley explained:
“I was just walking out of my room,” says Cyrus, “and I was like, ‘Oh, I have this… that will be really funny.” The audience – it is, again, Amsterdam – certainly took to her pot smoking. She stepped onto stage, got high, and met applause.
The rest of the world might not find it so hilarious, however. But that doesn’t matter – doing this sort of stuff is making Miley Cyrus a ton of money, and she’s reaching bigger audiences than ever before. Still, though, there is a nagging suspicion that Miley’s ‘spontaneity’ might really be prepared-for-stage – this sudden transformation into provocateur seems more like the brainchild of a music company than that of a child without a brain. Perhaps we’re being too harsh?
Either way, what do you think? Did Miley Cyrus really smoke marijuana at the EMA? You tell us.

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