Lena Nersesian hot selfie of her in a thong taking a selfie while laying on the floor

YouTuber Lena Nersesian Sex Tape Exposed!

Wow, Youtuber “Lena the Plug” is shocking audiences worldwide with her naughty posts online. This time in her desperate attempt for fame, she just released some DIRTY footage – the Lena Nersesian Sex Tape! This shit is going viral as hell, and for good reason, she’s a SLAM piece. She’s got a booty from the gods, who doesn’t want to see that?!


youtuber lena the plug talks about making a sex tape
LenaThePlug TITTIES be poppin’!
youtuber lena the plug talks about making a sex tape
Ayyyy! Sexy mamacita!
lenatheplug sex tape pic exposed
DAMN, I’d tap that!

She proposed to make the raunchy video if she reached 1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. The lucky fellow she claimed would be her partner was another YouTuber named Adam22. As you can imagine, her fans went fucking nuts over this. They desperately wanted to see this curvy Vlogger get pounded. They spread the word of her naughty plans and people globally have been subscribing like mad so she can reach her goal!

Lena’s exact words in the proposal video:

“You may or may not have heard that I am planning on making a sex tape when I hit a million subscribers.”

HOLY SHIT, right?! She continued to say:

“I have been approached to do porn multiple times in the last year — putting provocative pictures on the internet will get you such offers — but it’s never been something I’ve been interested in, or tempted by. I don’t want to do porn and I really have no interest in doing it. But a sex tape with someone that I’m seeing and totally comfortable having sex with — that sounds cool to me.”

Damn, these online girls are EVERYWHERE these days. Snapchat hoes like Beth Spigy get naked on the regular – no problem, let me just show the world my tits! It’s not that big of a deal. Earlier this year an Italian Instagram star promised oral sex for voting “no” on a political issue. Does the Paola Saulino free blowjobs ring a bell? In the age of self-marketing, these ladies know how to milk it!

Back to Lena The Plug — this famous snap-girl is taking it to another level. And although she has haters ripping her apart, she also has a shit ton of people excited to see her get fucked. She is on the rise to be a well-known internet sensation with this bad behavior!

Anyway, enough with the blabber. See the video below!

Lena Nersesian Sex Tape

Lena Nersesian sex tape- LenaThePlug

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