The Leaked Nicki Minaj Sex Tape

Most people first heard about Nicki Minaj when she featured on Monster with Kanye West and maybe she decided to take a page from Kanye’s girl Kim K and go and make her own sex tape – or maybe not.  Either way it’s definitely the case that if you a red-blooded man who’s seen Nicki shake her massive ass and work those tits that it’s been a thought in your head that you just gotta bend her over and see what sick flows come out of her when she’s getting it from you.  And no I ain’t talking about her fucking menstrual flows either.  Girl is fine as hell, and is a symbol of this generation’s new female talent.

On to the sex tape.  We first heard about it from MediaTakeout that this was the real deal, but there’s some people who are skeptical, ourselves included, who think that it might just be a really good (and really fine) double of Nicki who’s got all the phat things we love about that woman.  The consensus seems to be that it doesn’t matter none too much once you see this fine shorty working a cock, so just take a look at it and tell us if it ain’t the real deal or not.

She’s definitely got the same big ass booty that Ms. Minaj has and it’s fine as fuck, that’s for sure. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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