Katie Cassidy Fappening Photos Revealed

Today’s celebrity hack victim is a gorgeous model and actress that has one of the nicest toned bodies in the industry. The Katie Cassidy fappening photos are here for your viewing pleasure! David Cassidy’s daughter is now headlining news for every tabloid in the country. You’re not going to want to miss these


If this beauty doesn’t ring a bell to you, let me give you a break down…

The blonde bombshell Katie Cassidy in a denim two piece
Back that ass up…
The famous Katie Cassidy showing her ass at the beach
That ass deserves its own Instagram account!
The singer Katie Cassidy leaning against car in flower print bottoms
Just slide those babies to the side, please
The celeb Katie Cassidy in black cardigan leaning on fence
Just got done fucking?
The actress Katie Cassidy in brown sweater and black underwear
She definitely loves to bend over for a nice meat treat

The 30 year old modern-day scream queen was born in Los Angeles, California. Katie grew up in celebrity land and had the road to fame paved for her. Since she is the daughter of David Cassidy from the 1970’s sit-com The Partridge Family, she had many connections. Throughout her young years she made several guest appearances in televisions shows and has had numerous roles in horror films.

You may know this sexy bombshell from her role as the “Black Canary” on the CW’s superhero show Arrow. She plays an attorney by day and a sexy super-heroine that kicks ass at night. She made her film debut in When a Stranger Calls and in the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. She seems to gravitate towards dark movies, that has to say something about her, doesn’t it?

Anyway back to the leaked scandal… so far, she has not said a word about the whole fiasco, unlike celebrities like Emma Watson and  Amanda Seyfried. Both are hiring attorneys to deal with their picture scandals (Emma’s hot photos are creating quite the ruckus online!). The provocative Miss Cassidy does not give two shits because she knows she has a rockin’ body!

Katie Cassidy Fappening Photos Revealed

Ready to get your a hard on?

Katie Cassidy fappening leak mask

WARNING: NSFW!!! These photos show Katie giving some lucky guy head, and they are pretty hardcore!