Emmy Rossum topless in sex scene from shameless

Emmy Rossum Sex Scene in Shameless

Yum, Emmy Rossum sex scene in “Shameless” is definitely a treat! The finely sculpted American actress plays one of the star characters in the hit TV series – the hard-working and loyal “Fiona Gallagher”. Luckily for us, her character has a wild side and loves to spread her legs! One thing is for sure, the writers for the show make sure Emmy gets undressed a lot (just like Charlize Theron in her hot sex scene).


Emmy Rossum sex scene - getting action on her pussy!
“Shameless” star Emmy Rossum getting action on her pussy!

People of who follow the show always comment online how nice Emmy’s tits are. We have to admit, they are two handfuls of fluffy clouds and those nipples are no so bad themselves! What we mean is that yes we would put our face in them.

This video isn’t on the same level as Megan Fox’s sex scandal (see her naughty tape here). Obviously, it’s a lot more graphic and obscene. No worries though, you’ll still take pleasure in seeing Rossum’s naked body in this uncut scene.

Anyway, enjoy and let your imagination wander!

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